Work Hard and Play Hard Using Gyms in London

Working hard has become not just a figure of speech, but a reality of life, and the only way for many to offset the stresses and strains that this life style manifests, is to play hard too. However, this sort of lifestyle does bring a price to bear; and this price is a heavy one. Lack of exercise, eating meals on the hoof as it were; meals consisting of pizzas and burgers, and any other sort of fast and processed foods, all washed down with liberal sprinklings of alcohol, is a recipe for disaster.

So, like many people I was determined to do something positive about my lifestyle, changing my poor eating habits was one area that I felt able to tackle on my own. As for exercise I knew that I need professional help to get me on the right road. I found many gyms in London, but I wanted one that wasn’t full of already pristine people in figure Lycra and fake tans! I decided that the best approach would be to actually visit some gyms and sound the ground so to speak. In my pursuit I made a list of gyms within my local area of London, I knew that taking half an hour or more to drive to a gym was not a viable option for me, and set off full of trepidation.

Gyms in London

It wasn’t long before I was more than pleasantly surprised when I found a gym which actually lived up to its glossy online image. I was instantly made to feel at ease and was relieved to see people from all ages and with varying body shapes on the treadmills, rowing machines and step walkers.

The friendly instructor recommended a diet and suggested that I should start doing some regular physical exercise to help get myself back into condition. I guess you always take things more seriously when you hear them from somebody else, and a professional at that. My wife had been trying to get me to diet and exercise for ages, but I kept on just making excuses and avoiding the issue. Now the truth had come home to roost! The instructor gave me a free gym pass so that I could try the facilities before I fully committed myself – and you can’t get fairer than that these days.

Motivation is the key that will keep me going back two or three times a week. It is not an easy process, and years of lethargic living and over indulgence have brought me to this point. Attending the gym for the first time is the single most important step I have taken in order to set myself on the right track.

All in all, it’s important to continue to keep up your fitness levels and particularly to partake in activities that make you the happiest. Finding gyms in London was an exercise that for me that opened up a whole lot of new opportunities. I feel healthier, fitter and look younger, my only regret is that I didn’t start going to the gym sooner.

January 30, 2015