Why We Need to Keep Our Gym Memberships

We live in a very difficult global economy and it is easy to underestimate the role that is played by businesses across the world. Many people don’t think about the contribution to the economy that is made by something as simple as a gym, but the recent worries of a leading worldwide gym possibly going into administration shows just how important they actually are. So far, it seems that the gym is saved, but if it doesn’t get its memberships up, it will most certainly face bankruptcy.

How a Gym Contributes to the Economy as a Business

Many people think gyms are incredibly expensive, but if you consider what you are actually paying for and the amount of jobs that payment generates, you may want to think again. Consider, for instance, the building the gym is in itself. Usually, the building is rented, keeping a landlord employed.

The amount of staff they have to employ is tremendous and includes:

• Administration and front desk staff
• Management staff
• Trainers
• First aiders
• Cleaners
• Maintenance staff

All of these people would be out of a job should a gym go bust.

How a Gym Membership Contributes Further to the Economy

There is more as well, which is more of an indirect contribution. People who come to the gym need to be employed in order to be able to afford the membership. Besides that, by going to the actual gym, they are in a fit and healthy state. This allows them to work, in essence contributing to the economy. People who live an active and healthy lifestyle and go to the gym are also at a reduced risk of injury or illness, particularly if the trainers at the gym do their job properly. This means that they place less of a strain on the health care system of a country, further contributing to the economy.

Besides their gym membership, they will buy drinks and food, as well as having expenses in terms of travelling. All of this contributes further to the economy. It should be clear from the above just how big of a contribution something as small and simple actually makes to the entire economy of a country. So have a look at the different gyms that are in your area and sign up for a gym membership. Get fit, get healthy and save the economy.

November 24, 2014