Gym Membership is a Great way to Beat Boredom

Have you ever had a day when you have had nothing to do? A day off seems like such a Godsend, but standing in your home, you wonder what on earth are you are going to do with your day? It’s like life isn’t worth living unless your day is action packed, filled with interesting activities that make everything worthwhile. Of course, the minute you get busy and the stress levels reappear, you wish you were back to nothingness! Feast or famine!

Boredom is a state of mind which we are all affected by from time to time. It starts early on in life. Mothers constantly struggle to keep their little ones occupied with endless activities, plonking them in front of TV’s, playing games with them, enrolling them in a variety of sports. It’s a lifelong affliction. In fact, I remember my own teenager on the first day of her summer holidays stating loudly “I’m so bored!”

Gyms in London

I’m not alone in feeling this way and while chatting to my friends during one of our frequent morning coffee and cakes meetings we discovered that we all felt the same. Looking at our diaries it became evident that we were all free on certain mornings and afternoons each week. As the second cup of coffee arrived we deliberated and cogitated as to what we could do as a group on these ‘free’ days.

It was blatantly obvious that we all could do with losing weight and get fitter, so it was agreed that I’d locate gyms in our local area to try out. At this point we didn’t want to commit to a gym membership, we just wanted to take a peek at what was on offer! At the agreed day and time our motley crew of wobbling jelly bellies congregated at the main entrance to the gym and following a pre-briefing session in the café (coffee and muffins were a prerequisite for our nerves), we ventured upstairs to meet our master, the gyms instructor.

Fitness is one of the single most important things you can do for yourself if you want to maintain a healthy life. With this in mind, we all set about changing our eating habits and began to replace muffins with bananas and flapjacks, and the cups of cappuccino became cups of herbal tea.

Nowadays, the gym for me has become a way of life, and is not just about a successful workout. My routine varies all the time as I up the challenge, which also helps to alleviate the boredom factor. This is so important as it is the one thing that can zap your motivation. The amazing range of classes, equipment, and cool down facilities is top class. Even if you never did a work out before, there is so much to keep you occupied. My days on the couch are well and truly over and I make the most of my gym membership at every possible opportunity.

We all use the gym to exercise but also embrace the other relaxing facilities that are included within the gym membership. We have a facial, or a pedicure or simply relax in the sauna. There’s no way I’ll ever feel bored again!

March 30, 2015