Finding a New Way of Life in the Gym and Putting Fitness First

One of the hardest things to do in life is what’s good for you. I often ask myself why we human beings, (well me anyway), prefer to take the easy, or lazy way out of things. If there is a quick route from A to B, I will surely find it. Perhaps its the addictive streak in me, but curling up on the couch of an evening, with a big bowl of goodies sounds an awful lot better than pumping iron at the local gym.

We all know that in order to achieve optimum health we must strike a balance between healthy eating and moderate exercise. With emphasis on the ‘moderate’, I decided it was high time to haul myself off the couch of laziness and check out what was going on down at my gym. Securing the unmotivational help of my best friend, who with her similar attitude, was almost as horrified as I was at the prospects of moving our limbs any further than the remote control, or copious cups of tea, we tentatively ventured to the reception desk to ask for an appointment with the gym instructor.


Moments later, we found ourselves on the floor, stretching and twisting our frozen limbs into all sorts of inhuman positions. A gentle walk on one of the treadmills, a minute or two on a number of the machines: crosstrainers, stairs, rowers, and so on, we were good to go. I was quietly pleased at my achievements. Little did I know that this gentle introduction was serving no more than a taster of what was really to come.

Motivated by the wonderful encouragement of the instructor, we were eased very slowly into a full routine, one that I now look back at in wonderment, laughing to myself at the novelty I felt at the time. ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ I was glad to hear and it was literally my mantra for the months to come. Over time, I could genuinely see the fitness levels increasing in both myself and my friend, and now today, several months later, I smile at the image of our inexperienced gaping mouths, and realize that by making the decision to put fitness first in our lives, we were giving ourselves a real chance at a living a long and healthy life.

As time progressed I began to look into what it was that I wanted to get out of a gym and although my early experiences are very happy memories, the standard of facilites were not that great. So I did a bit of research online and came across a website that not only puts health and fitness as its top priority but also recognises that there are other things in a girl’s life that are also important, including relaxing and socialising. It’s the combination of health and fitness that make the ‘whole’ – a postive frame of mind and plenty of friendly encouragement does a lot to boost one’s self esteem and confidence.

December 29, 2014